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Donate to the Rescue

We have successfully rehomes over 300 birds with in the north wales area. Are you looking for a bird? Do you already own a bird and looking for a friend for your bird? Could we help you and you help us?

If you have any old newspapers or blankets that you no longer need u can send  them to us as we use these to keep the birds with in rescue clean and tidy and the blankets come in use to cover our cages at night as well as make a padded landing for our disabled birds who may fall.

We have an amazon wish list with toys and food that you can purchase as a gift and have sent direct to the rescue.

You can send us a donation via here or face book, become a member paying a yearly fee or sponsor one of our resident birds to help with their long term care. Long term sponsor birds and some of their story are on 1 of our other pages where you can find more details.

If you have a few hours on your hands a week to spare  you could  volunteer for us by helping out at the rescue, events/ fundraisers or at the shop in Colwyn Bay or even safe house for us.


Donate a Parrot Cage

Do you have a spare cage or travel carrier. Many of the birds in our care come to us without cages or they are very inappropriate. Any style, size or shape is welcome, although we are always in great need for cages for medium to large birds.

If any of these sound like something you would be interested in then hit the donate button or contact us for more information.

Our ethos is to educate and support but we understand that people's circumstances can change from time to time, and they can find themselves in a position for whatever the reason that they have to sign over their bird to the rescue. We do not judge peoples situation and ultimatly if we can advise with a change of diet or help in anyway for your bird to stay with you then we will.


As previously stated all our funds are self generated through events, fundraisers, raffles, tombola's, the charity shop in Colwyn Bay and most importantly the generous donations that we receive. Without the help of these funds and donations we could not manage to continue the fabulous work that we do. Funds are used to cover both dry and fresh food, veterinary care, health check, medication, housing, toys for stimulation and travel costs.

***​​Help make a difference and sign up

to join our Membership or Sponsorship today!***


​Memberships and Sponsorships can be a great way to help and make a difference to the birds that we rescue.

Memberships can be purchased from £20 per annum.  Sponsorships are available by contacting us.

Red and yellow parrot
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