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Available Birds

Here are some of our birds looking for their forever homes and a little bit about them. We pride ourselves as being one of the few rescues who attend the vets for disease testing with in the first few days of them arriving in rescue no matter how healthy the bird looks and behaves. These birds deserve the best lives and have had disease testing, a full health assessment with our avian vet and have been assessed by our very knowledgeable volunteers. We will be open and honest with all the birds behaviour and a brief history so you can understand the birds needs. We offer continued support and advise to help the transition to go smoothly as well as any issues that may arise with your feathered friend. We also offer a boarding service. 

Thankyou for your interest. In order to be considered for a life time foster of one of our birds we have the following criteria to protect the birds, yourselves and ourselves and these are as follows.

All potential fosterers must be a fully paid member of Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue.

All potential fosterers Must live in the North Wales area (including Cheshire and the Wirral) 

All potential fosterers must have a completed, successful home check

Once all of the criteria has been met, then the potential fosterers can be considered for a life time foster bird.


Blue Fronted 25 year old Amazon


Why hello there you beautiful humans.

My name is Pepe and aim 25 years young and Im a blue fronted female amazon Parrot.

So my dear humans I thought I would introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me and that I'm looking for my forever home.

I lived with my human and my feathered friend Joey for many many years and I was very loved by them both. I loved them both so very much but unfortunately my feathered  friend Joey got poorly and passed away and this made me supper sad.

Then soon after I noticed my human friend was also becoming ill and she got really poorly too and couldnt care for me anymore so handed me over to Joan to find me a new forever home. 

Loosing my friend Joey and My human has been really hard on me and its really made me very sad so I started to hurt myself by plucking, some may say very silly of me but its how I dealt with my grief at the time and is now become a bit of a habit  that I would like to loose. Like many others who pluck for many reasons we do tend to get over looked but I'm a beautiful bird and I want to make someone super happy and bring them joy. 

While I've been with Joan and Mani I've had a great time and I do love these guys but if the truth be known I'm sick of the noise round here and would like to move to a quieter household now. I think I would prefer a male human but if a lady is willing to put some time and effort in with me it may work  but you would have to be as good as my first lady human or even better. If your willing to take on the challenge please do come and meet me and see my beauty with in.


Pip & Squeek

2x Caiques 4years & 1year old


Hey there. We are currently nicknames Pip & Squeek.

We came into rescue April 2024 together and are believed to both be females. 

I'm the older one of the two and the one with a full orange head and I'm 4 years old. My little friend here has just turned 1 year old and she has been by my side since she was a little nipper.

We came into rescue through no fault of our own just our owner couldnt manage us anymore so we came to stay with Louise and Zac and their children who we love very much.

Since we have been here we have needed a few showers which we absolutely love. It made us feel so much better and able to preen ourselves much better with out the nasty taste. We have played with our human friends as well as their children and we love to be crazy clowns and bounce around the house.

I'm happy to play with anyone really but my little buddy is a little more reserved and stands back until she gets to know you.

We are very typical Caiques and known as the clown birds, We are very clever as well as loving but we do have beaks and we will use them if we feel scared or threatened or you are doing something we don't like but were not naughty or nasty we just get scared of you big humans sometimes. We require a lot of love, affection, care and attention from our humans.

I would be really sad if i lost my little buddy and she would too if she lost me so were looking for a home together where we can spend time with our humans as well as together in the same cage, in a home that's warm, clean and humans who can spend the time with us as well as fetch us if we get into any mischief, which I cant promise we wont but we do try our best to be good little girlies.


Orange wing Amazon 30+ years old


Alright humans I'm Jack and I'm 30+ years old so I'm slightly on the older side for an Amazon but I'm still pretty sprightly.

I didn't have the best of starts in life and spent a long time living in a seller. I think the humans got board of me so moved me to the seller  and that's where I stayed for years and years. 

One day the most beautiful angel walked into my dingey seller and she bought me from the humans who kept me in there.

I was so happy to get out of there and so eager to please my saving angel and over time we built a great friendship. I would sit on my cage, perches and even the furniture happily living my best life with my angel.

Years past of me living with my angel but sadly she started to get ill and told me she would never get better so had to make plans for my future when she will no longer be here. This made my heart hurt but I knew deep down she saved me once so she would make sure I went somewhere nice with nice people as my angel truly had a heart of gold for saving me the way she did.

She told me one day she approached a lovely lady called Joan and over time she got to know her and she reassured me Joan would really take care of me when she no longer could. I trusted my angel so I knew I would be ok. Sadly that time did come for me to move to the rescue and my angel mammy watched me on videos that Joan took of me to send her so she knew that I was ok. My Angel sadly passed away and I have been recovering from my heart break, No one will ever replace my angel but I am ready now to love again.


Red Lored 15 year old Amazon


Alight are ya. I'm Poppy and am a little beauty if I do say so me self.

So unlike some of my feathered friends I've had a great life in fact it was amazing and I was treated like a princess, oh ye that's right that's because I am a princess. I was very spoilt in my previous home, if i wanted it i had it, if i couldnt get it my humans would get it for me, my humans wellllllll the doated on me and my beauty, they loved me so so much and maybe that's why I'm like I am now. I should probably warn ya I'm a bit of a bossy boots. 

I'm looking for me forever home right now with a gentleman as my main carer if possible but I suppose I could try with the right lady to as long as she will put me on a pedestal and treat me like a princess I'm willing to give it a go.

I don't mind where I live now, its alright I suppose, but you know what? I don't wanna share my time with all these lot here. I wanna be with my forever human who put me at the top of the list, you know there number 1 not equal like i am here. I like to get on and do me own thing but over time we can do those things together maybe if i let you that is.

If your up for a little bossy pants then how about you drop Joan a bell and have a discussion or even email her I don't mind either way as long as your talking about me that's all that matters right.


Blue & Gold Macaw 12 years old


Hey there. My name is Sidney and I'm a 12 year old blue & gold Macaw.

Not much is really known about me as my humans were very vague about everything when I was collected.

When I came into rescue I swore like a trooper, I didn't/couldnt lift my wings, I hated all humans and I was super aggressive to the point no one could even come near my cage. I went to the vets and quite a few things came back as a concern. I had some kind of air born pollutant inside me and I generally wasn't doing so great so I spent a lot of time in isolation.

Louise's daughter used to come and feed me and talk to me and I would shout at her a lot I even bit her a few times. Bella really wanted to make friends with me and she started sitting next to my cage playing on her phone, talking to her friends, doing her homework and reading books me. I  really started to like Bella and would shout for her at night and when I felt lonely. Some nights she even got her quilt and slept outside my cage. I started to like and trust Bella over time. When I started to get better she would get me out my cage and stretch my wings which felt a little sore. She would stand me over a bed and drop her arm and slowly I started to try and save myself stretching my wings out myself and flap them.

Bella spent 8 months with me and we truly fell in love. She taught me to fly to safety and a lap around the room and she taught me to love and trust humans again. I moved to a new safe house who was thinking of forever fostering me but human stuff happened and I am now back in rescue looking for my forever home and my forever human. I'm a clever  boy and I no longer use bad words as I've replaced them with nice, kind words. I'm just looking for my forever Bella. Could that be you? 


Blue And Gold Macaw


Hiya. My names Jess and I'm a blue and gold macaw.

I'm a very shy, nervous girly as I've not had the best start in life or been treated very kindly by humans.

When Joan and Mani picked me up I was so embarrassed at where I lived, my cage and surrounding areas were piled deep of rubbish, as well as my mess and the other animals mess. The smell was horrendous and I smelt so badly, I hadn't had a shower for so long in fact I actually cant remember when I had last had a shower, I felt so sad, depressed and dirty, I really hated my life the way it was it was so hard for me there. There was never clean water or fresh food and I just sat in my cage for years and years. It was very cold and dingy where I lived and many animals came and went. There were also rodents all around me.

The day Joan and Mani saved me there were dying and dead animals around me as well as very ill cats who had torchered me over the years. This made me so sad and not be able to trust anyone or anything. 

I went with Joan and Mani and they gave me fresh water and food, a lovely big clean cage in a warm house with clean air, they also gave me warm showers which I really appreciated as I didn't want to be dirty and smelly anymore. It made me feel soso much better you wouldn't believe the difference it made and how much it meant to me.

I couldnt trust humans they had not been kind to me over the years so I would sit in or on my cage and just watch,  I would never go on the floor as I was just to scared to do that with my previous home being so scary down there.

Joan has been amazing and really made friend with me. She has shown me how to trust and actually its ok and safe to go on the floor. Its took a really long time for me to settle and trust and I'm really ready now to find my forever home with someone special to continue to love me and help me build my confidence. I will try my hardest to work with you and if you give me the time and love I need then honestly I will be your very best friend  and love you forever I promise.




There are many more birds to add so bare with us.

We are up dating the website.


Red Lored Amazon 40+ years


Welllllllll Hello there my name is George and I'm getting on a little now but I'm a fine old gentleman in my 40's.

I spent all my life living with my male human so I do tend to like men more than ladies.

I spent a lot of my time caged but my human used to sit in the same room with me and we kept each other company, chatting, listening to the wireless, even watching the television. It was a pretty amazing thing to go from 3 channels, to 4 channels, then to 5 and now wow there are hundreds of channels to watch how exciting.

In all honesty i think the reason I spent all my time in a cage was because that was easier for my human but that's ok I didn't fair badly from being caged most of my life.

I came into rescue a while ago now and I'm a pretty happy chilled bird really. 

I do great everyone with a hello and I'm happy to be in my cage or on top of my cage on my play stand chilling or playing with my toys.

I'm really looking for my forever home now as all these amazons around me are just driving me crazy with there chitter chatter all the time, they just don't shut up and me well i just want to retire in piece and quiet and away from these young ones.

I do prefer men as that's all I've ever really known but just maybe if the right lady or couple came along you could sway me and teach me to love ladies.


Yellow Crowned 18 year old Amazon


My name is loui, I'm a yellow crowned amazon and I'm 18 years old.

I was with my human friend for most of my life we really loved each other but due to her getting sick she had to find me somewhere else to live. Luckily for me she found Joan's north Wales parrot rescue and she secured me a spot here with the view I would move on when the time was right and it is right for me to move now.

I love where i live but I think its time now for me to move on and find my forever home so that Joan can make some room to help some more birdies like me or the birdies out there that are neglected and abused.

I recently laid an egg confirming I am female so i will care for that for a while then I'm ready for a new home and would love to have a home ready and waiting for me.

I have always been well loved and had a lot of time spent with me and maybe that's why I am such a good talker as it shows my human was always chatting to me and that's what i would love from my next human. Someone like me, sweet, chatty and fun loving. 

I honestly don't mind if my main care giver is a man, lady or even a family I'm just a chilled out kind of girl looking for my forever.


Orange wing Amazon 10 years old


Alright darlings I'm Jasper and I'm a 10 year old orange wing amazon.

I don't really care that much for silly people who just wanna look all hard and that, with a parrot cos I'm a bit of a hard knock myself you know. 

Apparently I need a very experienced owner who is gonna work with me, but I say good luck with that cos you know me right? I've escaped multiple times from Towyn and flew right through to Chester just cos I can you know. 

I int really into the small human kinda things you know, those little versions of humans that need to grow into the adult like versions, I don't like them much and I've shown it too, by causing them some damage so maybe avoid me if you have mini humans in the house cos I deffo wont fit around them.

So here I am just being me and doing what I wanna do, looking for someone who got an aviary for me to live out me years or someone who fancies a challenge, who's got loads of experience cos I will av ya if you aint a clue what ya doing.


We cant stress enough Jasper needs to be with people with a lot of experience either in an outdoor or indoor aviary or a large cage. We will NOT foster him with in a family who have children as he has caused hospital visits. He does deserve to find a forever home it just needs to be the right forever home to some very knowledgeable people, who are willing to put the time and effort in. He can also get very jealous. We would love to see him thrive and be happy in his forever home and his behaviours turned round.


Green Wing Macaw 4 years old


Alright dude's and dudettes,  I'm 4 years old in July & my name is Dee but I have since been renamed to Danny in my safe house with Louise, Zac & family. 

When Louise & Zac picked me up April 2024 I was living a cage that wasn't really suitable for me next to other birds who were very dusty and the dust was thick all over my cage, toys & perches. I smelt really bad  & I was really sad & fed up. I also lived with 4 dogs, 2 of which were huge & very very scary barking at me all the time so I was very afraid to move around.

My humans were in their 70s and were scared of me and the size of my beak and being bitten. So my short life as a youngling was spent stuck in this cage scared.

I never learnt to fly or get out for exercise, so when Louise and Zac got me home I didn't want to come out of the travel cage as I was just to scared.  I felt so dirty, dusty and greasy I didn't know how to look after myself, I was just feeling generally sad and untrusting. Louise gave me my first shower with special soap & I had a Vet visit for blood tests, beak & nail trimming.  Over the following few weeks I moved from that travel cage into a small cage, then into a bigger cage as I started to learn how to move around and trust the textures under my very sore feet. I had loads of Showers & aloe vera plant rubbed on my feet and I started to feel so much better. They were feeding me all this strange stuff I hadn't eaten before but I absolutely loved it, it was so fresh, crunchy & tasty. I didn't really like being handled as I was so scared & had no balance so I  felt I would fall, so I would flap frantically. I've been here a few month now and I have moved into what they call the big boy indoor aviary with 2 other rescue macaws & one of Louise & Zac's young birds. The 3 other lads have taught me how to be a bird & get around, play, share toys, treats & how to be me. I've started to really trust the humans here I will step up, take treats & be tickled. I still flap a lot when they move me around the house but I will get there with all their exercise sessions that they put me through. I have really started to love life & in time they promise me I will learn to fly like their other birds.





There are many more birds to add so bare with us.

We are up dating the website.



If you want details on how to apply please contact us bellow and we can talk you through the process. Thankyou for all your support.

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