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 I am writing as the Founder of North Wales Parrot Rescue with an insight as to the work that our private charity carries out, our ethos is to educate and support and we support you through what is such a difficult time when it comes to rehoming your much loved pet.


Parrots can make excellent family additions, and it would not be till one is owned, that it soon becomes clear how much time and education that is involved with owning one of these fabulous birds. As the new parrot owner would soon discover how very limited support, with the care and advice of these species is available to them out there. During the last several years it has become very noticeable how so many people took on the responsibility of parrot ownership, but yet once they realised they were out of their depth there was no one to turn to for support or help with rehoming these specialised birds. Through my personal experience working with the birds and voluntary work carried out with Safe Haven UK, it highlighted to me the need for a rescue in the North Wales Area and this is where North Wales Parrot Rescue was born.


Founded in May 2014 by Joan & Mani Rakhra, Which was changed to Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue in September 2015, to keep the familiarity of myself to the rescue. We are the only Parrot Rescue in North Wales and are based in Llandudno, and have the facilities to cater from the smallest to the largest members of the bird family. I have personally owned a variety of parrots and have had over 30 years’ handling and working experience with the birds. At present we are a non-profit rescue and all our funding comes from fundraising events, talks and car-boot sales which are carried out by my husband Mani and me and we are further supported by our other rescue members, who volunteer their time to help us. We are always looking for creative ways to help and educate people about the care needs and requirements of these birds and carry this out through social media, demonstrations and talks. We have recently started to educate children about parrot care in local infant and primary schools and do educational talks for youth clubs. If this is something your Club, Function or School would be intrested in (North Wales Area Only) then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Joan Rakhra

Founder of Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue

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​Memberships and Sponsorships can be a great way to help and make a difference to the birds that we rescue. Memberships can be purchased from £20 and Sponsorships from £30 and are a great way to keep upto date with the Rescues news and events, as you will receive our quarterly Newsletter. Please contact us for more information.


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